Calibash – 2 Day Pass at Arena

Calibash - 2 Day Pass Tickets Arena | Los Angeles, California

Calibash – 2 Day Pass is finally returning to Los Angeles in 2023! Listen to their spicy tunes and their soul-stirring lyrics, in what's billed to be one of the greatest Latin performances of the year. Savour an evening of their greatest hits, as well as some of their exciting new tracks. Get up and dance to their popular songs, experience the brilliant Latin music of Calibash – 2 Day Pass and dance the night away! Calibash – 2 Day Pass will be at the Arena in Los Angeles, California on Saturday 21st January 2023. The Arena brings you the best live performances and shows, witness the stunning sound of this incredible artist in person. Bring your friends, camera and seize the night together.

Calibash - 2 Day Pass at Arena

When fans in the know have to name the most booming musical city in California, one name always pops up. Los Angeles is long-known for being a can’t-miss destination for the most notable performers in the music industry, and Arena just might be the reason for it. The venue never fails to deliver the spiciest Latin music superstars and this year’s program will be just as lit. Some of the genre’s biggest names will hit the stage and work their magic in wowing the crowd while delivering their greatest hits right before the patrons’ eyes. And to make this even better, the hosts ensure the ultimate environment to enjoy a world-class show. Starting from the unbeatable sound system and carefully crafted acoustics and moving on to the crazy light shows and endless amounts of refreshments – the good times at Arena are secured. To go the extra mile – some of the finest bars and restaurants in town are just a stone’s throw away, so don’t hesitate to take the afterparty to them. In conclusion – you have the exclusive chance to head down to Los Angeles and join thousands of latin-minded locals and backpackers for an action-packed night out filled with the most vivid and seductive Latin tunes! Don’t miss it – dare to break a sweat and put some latin rhythm in your hips by securing your ticket for an upcoming performance at Arena!

Calibash - 2 Day Pass at Arena

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